Kaelin Poulin, How Kaelin Built A Tribe of 50,000+ People

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Kaelin lost 65 pounds in 7 months. She set a world record in fitness for earning her IFB Pro card faster than anyone. More importantly she has taken what she has learned to help 50,000+ women lose weight and change their life. This is her #mondaymotivation story.

Show Notes:

-She was put through a hard trial 10 years ago that put her into a situatuation where she realized she wasn’t liking the person she had become both physically and psychologically.

-Kaelin had to make her own formula to become the person she wanted to be, which helped her change the market she currently works in and change other people’s lives as well.

-She used Funnels to become a best seller in Amazon and Barnes and Noble

-Learn from the mistakes leaders before us have made to improve your business and dominate your market

-Through using Funnels Kaelin plans on having the biggest weight loss company in the world


“In the future I’m looking forward to being the biggest weight loss company in the world I just firmly believe that with Russell helping us and with ClickFunnels at our back that’s totally possible. I just can’t wait to see us help millions and millions of women in the future.”

“I realized that it wasn’t really the fitness I was here for. I remember what it was like being 180lbs at 5’2” and I know there’s a million other women out there who are just like me that aren’t sure what to do.”

“I decided that day that now that I’ve done it, now that I’ve paved the way, I want to help other women do the same.”

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