Health and Safety in the Workplace

Health and Safety in the Workplace is important to ensure employee safety. It lowers staff turnover and disquiet. Above all, it is the right thing to do.
The issue of health and safety in the workplace is important. Employees do not wish to be injured in their place of work, that is not their intention when they go to work.
The other side of the coin is also valid employers suffer when employees are absent, their business, and perhaps the reputation is damaged because of injury two employees sustained in the workplace.
The issue of health and safety therefore is important from two angles. The employees who have no desire to be hurt or injured whilst in their place of work, and the employers who will lose valuable workers, skills, and output as a consequence of injury. It is also the case that the employers will suffer a diminution in their reputation as good employers, as well as personal hurt because one of their workers was injured in their place of work.
All in all, every precaution should be taken to avoid injury in the workplace. In the UK there is extensive legislation covering many different situations and outlining the measures that must be taken by employers to ensure the safety of the employees.
This video explores some of the health and safety issues, with particular reference to the UK.

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