The Legislative Process

The Legislative Process. How laws are enacted.
Laws are enacted from the legal framework of the country to which they apply. Generally speaking, we are concerned with parliamentary democracies, and this is ultimately the source of the legislation in those countries. There are debates as to whether judges make low, however, we will focus on the legislative process.
In democracies, voters elect the government, and the government proposes and eventually legislates for the laws of that country. The process of law-making may be refined by having another layer of government, sometimes called the Senate, or in the case of the UK the House of Lords. This second chamber refines the law, it improves it by making constructive suggestions and alterations. The final part of the process is when the law is signed by the head of state. This may be a president, or in the case of the UK The Queen.
This is the process that is undertaken to make law.

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