The Role of Trade Unions in Industrial Action

The Role of Trade Unions in Industrial Action.
Industrialisation took hold in England from the mid-1700s. In this period labour was moving from agriculture to industry, however, conditions in industry we’re both dangerous, arduous, and lowly paid. This led to unrest and major disputes with the factory owners. This often culminated in violence and criminal rulings. It appeared to many that the government, the factory owners, the media, and the Church were often unfairly pitched against the case being put forward by the workers.
However, they continued to agitate and commenced combining into trade unions. The purpose of the unions was to advance the case being put forward by the workers. Specifically, better working conditions, paid Holidays, better wages, and more care and attention to safety in the workplace. By today’s standards, these demands seem moderate, however at the time they were often construed as revolutionary.
Eventually, the government implemented measures to address some of the requirements being advanced by the newly formed trade unions.
It is easy to think of this as one of adjustment, from an old order to a new one. However, it was painful., It was a period that led into a new way of working and a new world.

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