Mike Killen, How To Sell a Marketing Funnel and Why Websites Are Dead

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Websites are dying. Mike Killen reveals why marketing funnels are the only way to grow your business. If you are interested in creating funnels and selling them, Mike will show you step by step what you need to do. How much can you charge for your funnels? How can you monetize your services.

Show Notes:

-What would you say the difference is between a website and a funnel?

-Mike gives us two reasons to explain the importance of specializing in a nich to sell your service

-Now that we know the importance of niches, how do we know which nich to get into?

-You’ve found your nich, the vertical you want, and your RI…how do you sell that funnel?

-Getting content out so you can help your customers SO you can get MORE customers

-Mike Killen talks about why conversations and dialog with customers is such crucial component to success

-The art of the follow up

-Just how do we put a price point on a funnel? Things to consider


“The most important part of selling a funnel is you have to be really clear on what it is that you want to help people do.”

“You have to be really clear on who you are and who you are targeting.”

“If you’re really clear about the types of business that you can help, those characteristics, and you’re really specific on who can go after and tell people that. Then I promise you, you will have inquiries faster than you even realize.”

“Are you willing, seriously willing, and even genuinely obsessed with the idea to put 100% useful, helpful content out there?”

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