Operations and Productivity

Operations and Productivity: In this video, we will look at the connexion between operations and productivity. Operations within a business involve production, perhaps engineering, machinery, organisation of production, the stores, and quality and distribution.
We may engage in the same type of categorisation of the operations function within a service-based company. Ranging from receipt of the task through the various there’s of expertise that must work on it in conjunction with technology to bring about an efficient output.
The productivity of a business is a measure of its output for given inputs. The more output that can be achieved for the same level of input the more efficient the business is, we say it is more productive.
It is the case that the operations function, whether within a service-based business or a production-based business, is critical for the profitability and survival of the business. The administration or strategic layer of management deals with marketing and setting the direction for the business, including new product development.

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