Evan Michael, How “YOU” Are 1 Funnel Away – Evan’s Story

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Evan Michael’s “ONE” Funnel away story. It took him 7 years but if you knew you would have a 7 figure business in 7 years, would you start today? He reveals the funnel he used. He talks about using webinars to sell a $100/year subscription. He also discusses the 3 keys to marketing.

Show Notes:

-Evan’s thought process up until 2010 was that quitting his “9:00-5:00” was way too risky

-The “overnight success” is not typical and is not necessary to being a success story

-Creating your business on the side of your day job is okay as long as it fits YOU

-Evan Michael’s is a huge advocate for being into everything for your business

-The key to a subscription based company is being comfortable with losses that Evan often encounters

-If you’re stuck on the spending of a penny then your company is stuck not growing

-A hobby project that helps you learn to make money…3…2…1 TKO!!!


“You hear so many people talk about how they want to start a business, they want to go full-time. I was never that guy. I worked two jobs all of the time, I just could never risk like…everything.”

“You’re just one funnel away, even if it takes 7 years.”

“It’s always about everything and never just one thing when it comes to your business.”

“Don’t nickel and dime this stuff, it’s like think big and don’t be pennywise and dollar-foolish, just like my father always would tell me and I just live by that. I don’t count my pennies. I always am looking for the bigger picture.”

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