How To Make your Voice Sound AMAZING and Healthy!

Your voice is actually your most important video creation tool. Not your camera, your microphone, nor your Internet connection. None of those tools matter if your voice doesn’t sound good and appealing. Sounding friendly is one thing, but caring for your voice so it sounds healthy is another. Most creators, like myself, don’t even think about how our voice actually sounds until an expert like Dr. Dan comes along and points it out.

In this interview, Dr. Dan and I talk about how to best care for your voice, whether you’re a YouTube creator or do a lot of public speaking. We’ll show you how to make it sound great, improve your tone, and ensure that you’ll be able to keep making videos for your audience for a long time to come.

We discuss questions like:
– What’s the difference between the way a healthy voice sounds vs. a tired voice sounds? What impact does that have on your audience?
– What can happen to a creator if they don’t care for their voice?
– How can we begin to care for our voices to not only keep it healthy, but to also sound best on camera?

Check out the video playlist Dr. Dan put together for, “How to care for your singing and speaking voice.”

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