Joel Comm, 3 Secrets To The Live Video Playbook – Funnel Hacker Radio Podcast

Joel Comm has been on video and LIVE video since the beginning. He is a brand ambassador for 3 different LIVE mediums. He reveals what he has learned working with LIVE video for over a decade. You will get his live video playbook for listening to the podcast how best to connect with your audience.

Show Notes:

-Joel is an ambassador for several companies due to his use of Live Video

-Smartphones and live video allow us to share our message with others with no cost to us

-Don’t focus “going viral”, if you can tell a story and start a conversation it will go viral by itself

-What if I told you your FaceBook Live is really not about you nor who you portray yourself to be?

-Your audience sees through “house of cards” type set ups, they want authenticity

-Don’t look at the screen when you film, look at the camera. You know what you look like.


“I am of the mindset that Live Video is the most significant leap in social media since the iPhone came out; since we were able to engage in social platforms on the iPhone.”

“It doesn’t cost you anything to be able to go live and start sharing your message, and of course if your message is compelling then you will draw an audience and people will share your message with their friends and followers.”

“Authentic Content + Engagement = Relationships. That’s where the win is.”

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