Giveaway #1 Announcement Video!!!

Man thank you guys for supporting this channeland helping me get to 100 subscribers like you all have, and to our amazon/paypal giveaway winner I only ask that you send me a message with your contact details on Facebook under Ecashsociety Techmoney with your contact details. Guys I will be doing another giveaway on my next 100 subs with first 2nd and 3rd place winners. I have the items set aside and the list are as follows. First place gets 50 dollars of either paypal or amazon (their choice) 2nd place gets a playstation 4 stand , and 3rd place gets a wireless mouse. A lot of cool stuff is on the way here with this channel guys and lots of videos to come! Also Magic corner if you would like comment in this video and let us all know what your plan is here with the winnings and maybe tell us about your setup. Not necessary though. 🙂

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