3 College Secrets From An Entrepreneur Class

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Dave Woodward taught BYU’s Entrepreneur Class. He revealed 3 secrets to becoming a successful entrepreneur. They are the same 3 secrets ClickFunnels used to blow bast 100 million in total revenue in 3 years.

Show Notes:

-Does your current job have anything to do with your major you got in college? Even if you say no, it was still important you got that degree

-Speed limitation: There’s really no reason for you to go slow

-A new strategy that you can try is selling the product BEFORE you have it

-Getting something done is most often better than getting something perfect

-Important point is to not finish (this really made the college students laugh)

-With you hiring “A Players” you will save time and money believe it or not

-If you want to become an “A Player” you have to compete and respond accordingly


“So often we set these barriers up just by saying ‘You know what I can’t do it’”

“Perfection is always going to kill your business, it’s never going to be perfect. Your business is never going to be perfect. Your funnel is never going to be perfect. No matter what you do it’s never going to be perfect so stop trying to make it perfect right now.”

“I’m a huge believer in the fact that ideas have fuses and if you don’t implement and get things done quick, that fuse is like a firecracker’s. It will just burn out and then all of a sudden you have a firecracker blowing up in your hand with nothing left.”

“By not finishing any of your copy or your content or things like that your mind subconsciously keeps creating it, so by the time you come back to it you’re able to pick it up much much faster.”

“It’s a stimulus and response type environment where you might not be able to control the stimulus but you ALWAYS can control the response. So I see that “A Players” have a much better ability at responding to things.”

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