Jim Edwards, Secrets To Funnel Scripts

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Jim Edwards created Funnel Scripts after reading Russell Brunson’s first book DotCom Secrets. He continues to update the wizards. Recently adding a Podcast/FaceBook Live wizard. He reveals the secrets he uses to create killer sales copy for any industry of niche.

Show Notes:

-Jim Edwards turned Russel’s “Dotcom Secrets” into a software

-Funnel Scripts allows you access to a script for every and any funnel you want

-The best way to kill it in the market place is obviously through killer headlines

-Your headlines need to be tested, redone, and continuously tweaked

-Jim has wizards, not the ones that shoot lightning bolts, sadly, but the ones that instead make you money

-You can make a Video Sales Video modeled like Russell Brunson’s in 30 minutes

-We are able to create astounding Intro videos for our webinar to increase sales and churn

-Can you answer questions? Then you can use Funnel Scripts to improve your funnels, webinars, and master classes

-Jim Edwards has fun with helping us improve our copy


“The hardest draft is the first draft.”

“This is a fact of life with funnels, the first version of the funnel you come out with is not going to be the one that makes you all the money. I’ve only had one headline in twenty years that I could not beat through testing”

“If you have something that sells a promise or satisfies a desire for people, then you can create an amazing webinar to help people get what they want.”

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