How to Not Get SUED When Dropshipping (w/ Aliexpress & Shopify)

Afraid of getting sued when dropshipping? Watch this video!
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PLEASE NOTE: We are not lawyers, and this is not legal advice. For legal advice, please contact a lawyer.

Question 1: Will you get sued if you use product images from Aliexpress suppliers?

The answer to this is almost certainly no. In China, the culture around copyright is very different to the western world. In China, the culture around copyright is that if something can be easily copied and can benefit others, then that is more important than protecting the rights of a single individual. It is a cultural difference.

As a result, it’s very easy to get away with piracy in China, which is why pirated movies/music/games are sold freely on the streets. In fact, Chinese manufacturers copy each other all the time. Not only do they produce the same products, they steal images from each other. If you go to Aliexpress you will see that different manufacturers are producing the same items, and they are using the same images.

As a result, it is extremely unlikely that any Aliexpress supplier would try to pursue you in court for any copyright issues. If they were going to sue anyone – it would be the manufacturers that are copying them – although due to the cultural differences, that is also extremely unlikely.

If you’re still worried, you can contact the Aliexpress suppliers and ask them if they are OK with you reusing their images.

Question 2: How Can I Avoid Being Sued for Copyright Images?

They might not care in China if you copy images – but in the west, they sure do! Even if your website is not making any money, you can still be pursued legally and sued for using images without permission – so it’s very important that you don’t use copyrighted images on your website!

A good place to find images you can use is with Google Images:

1) Go to Google Images
2) Click settings.
3) Click advanced search.
4) Type in what you’re searching for.
5) Scroll down to usage rights. Select “free to use, share or modify, even commercially.”
6) Click search. You’ll be surprised at how many images you’re allowed to use!

So don’t get lazy and use images that are copyrighted. Use Google to find free images you’re allowed to use.

Question 3: Can I Sell Aliexpress Products that are Trademarked?

No – do NOT sell products that are trademarked. For example, in the video, Sarah compares two items – one that is a generic self-stir mug, and one that is a self-stir mug with Harry Potter imagery on it. Do NOT sell the Harry Potter mug, as it is illegal.

If you sell products with trademarks, you aren’t just risking getting sued – you’re risking having legal action taken against you.

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