Wellness Coordinator and Beginning Snowboarder | Meet Katie

Spending time with her Grandparents has taught Katie how to push herself to always try new things. As a wellness coordinator, she helps her members achieve their wellness goals by getting them out of their comfort zone. In our latest brand campaign, we humanize health insurance and show how who we are informs what we do.

Shot throughout Wisconsin over two years, “I Work at Network Health: Employee Documentaries” was the largest employee documentary campaign in healthcare history. AE Marketing Group led the creative collaboration working with a team of writers, directors, videographers, editors, and more throughout Wisconsin.

In October 2018, this campaign was named “Video Campaign of the Year” at the Healthcare Marketing Impact Awards beating CIGNA’s multi-million dollar national “TV Doctors” campaign. Beyond the Ad Age and Modern Healthcare recognition, the campaign also received nine additional national creative awards.

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