Pinterest Marketing Secrets – Funnel Hacker Radio #178 with Guest Julie Stoian

Julie Stoian reveals her Pinterest Secrets. Pinterest has become a search engine more than just a social media site. Julie provides step by step detail on how you can use Pinterest especially if you have a product or service that can be shown through images. You will be surprised at the marketing opportunity that exists on Pinterest.

Tips and Tricks for Your Business:

If your audience is comprised mostly of women then you can’t afford not to be on Pinterest (1:23)

Not all of us have the eye for making things “Pinterest Worthy” but Julie has some tips for us to help up our game (3:49)

Using GroupBoards to get more eyeballs to your Pins on Pinterest (6:46)

GroupBoards have rules to follow, but they’re justifiable guidelines that you can follow and still generate traffic to your funnel (8:10)

Getting in touch with Julie to get a jumpstart into the world of Pinterest (10:32)

Quotable Moments:

“Once you have that image and your template you can just all different kinds of bridge pages and you only need one funnel. You could have 50 different bridge pages if you want but you only need that one funnel. Then all you need is different pins and put them on Pinterest.”

“Don’t get overwhelmed and think you have to become this massively cool blogger to get on Pinterest. All you have to do is make a couple of bridge pages and get on those group boards and you can start gaining momentum”

“Along with you image being very beautiful you need to make sure your description is very keyword dense. Think about it like you would from an SEO perspective”

Other Tidbits of this Podcast:

Dave comes forth with the fact that he’s not the most artsy person in the world.

Audio Clips:

(1:30-1:40) “The three largest search engines in the world are Google, Amazon, and Pinterest. So, if you have a female audience you cannot afford to not be on Pinterest.”

(11:04) “In those female driven industries it makes a huge, huge difference. And it becomes this free traffic, it’s like you’re golden ticket

Links Mentioned by Dave and Julie: Free Stock Images you can use on Pinterest Graphic Design Software you can use for Pinterest


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