🎙️ Funnel Hacker Radio Episode 180 – Julie Stoian Fixing A Broken Funnel Part 2

Why Dave Chose to Interview Julie:

People are always asking me what they need to do to fix a funnel that is not working the way they thought it would. Julie Stoian outlines the steps that she uses on hers and her client’s funnels. Realize almost all funnels when you first create them do not work as well as they should. You will want to listen to this one a couple of times. There is also a transcript of this episode so you can print off the details.

Tips and Tricks for Your Business:

Your funnel can “break”. When it does, you’ve got to look at your numbers (1:21)

Fixing copy (4:17)

Sorry you have to hear this but you have to be willing to light a match to $1,000 for your funnel and ads (9:08)

Know that if your front-end funnel breaks even or has some percentage of profit then that is a successful funnel (10:52)

Change your funnels step by step and look at the numbers after each step (13:12)

Quotable Moments:

“If you’re just working on a $100 budget, it’s going to take a long time to generate the traffic to even determine if the funnel is working or not.”

“I would say the very first thing you do is tweak the copy. And if you’re tweaking the copy so much that it sounds like a different offer then there’s information there.”

“You have to be willing to spend $1,000 at least on a funnel and in ads. If you’re not willing to spend that then you’re not going to get enough numbers going through to see if it’s really working or not working.”

Audio Clips:

(5:51-6:02) “How many people need to see the page to get one buyer? Like almost a hundred leads. So, you need to get a hundred leads before you can even look at that funnel and say ‘Ugh, that needs work.’”

(10:27-10:44) “That’s exactly what I say to my clients, it’s like we’re going to light a match to this money and don’t expect anything from it. Because that’s exactly right, we’re buying data. There’s no way to know unless you use the market place to test if your funnel is broken

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