Stock market — a correction or impending crash?

This is interesting.

The Bond markets are tanking.

Bitcoin collapsed 60% from the highs.

Stock markets had a steep sell-off on Friday.

And I’m back to my weekly market analysis… just saying.


Don’t get caught in all the hype, sentiments, opinions, news, and what not.

The only thing you should trust is…


Everything else is noise.

And, if you want to tune out the noise, then this week’s market analysis is for you.

No BS. No hype. No Fluff.

But an objective analysis of what’s really going on in the markets (that the media will never tell you).

So here’s what you’ll learn in today’s video:

• Stock market — a correction or impending crash?
• Which is the best currency to trade this week and why
• Bitcoin collapsed 60%, what happens next?

Are you ready to start the trading week?

Then go watch this video below…

Thanks for watching!

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