Scaling Webinars On The Phone – Kim Barrett – FHR #195

Why Dave Chose to Interview Kim:

Kim Barrett is one of ClickFunnels’ Two Comma Club Winners. Kim is amazing at monetizing multiple sales paths with the same lead through one funnel. Kim’s use of the thank you page and new opt in strategies have helped him earn the coveted 2 Comma Club award. More importantly it has helped him build a very successful business providing Done For You Marketing Services. Whether you are looking to scale or looking for a funnel to hack to get in the business of serving clients you will love what Kim presents.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

-Systems results in scaling up and passed that $1,000,000 bench mark. (3:39)

-Who should we hire to lower the energy we put into tasks that aren’t compatible with our skill sets and focus more on what we’re good at? (5:32)

-How can all of us maximize our clients through our funnels? (8:14)

-Kim was able to get sales BEFORE the webinar started through the sales letter he used (12:35)

-Our “Thank You” Pages are really hot real estate for driving up our ability to influence others around us. (17:36)

-Calling is for the winners according to Kim Barrett. (20:20)

Quotable Moments:

“You can’t past that next level which is that $750K and towards the $1,000,000 unless you have a system across all of your businesses. And this is not just from the marketing standpoint but you need to develop systems to each of those new levels and new heights.”

“I think that’s the way true brilliance and true expertise lie is when you can make things simple to understand and your confident in what you do.”

“When people show us funnels and especially when we see their campaigns and stuff, they don’t give people the option to take the next step. Like well if I opt-in for something, generally speaking, I want to get an outcome. I don’t go around opting in just for fun.”

“That ‘Thank You’ Page for us is one of the most expensive pieces of real estate to just disregard.”

Other Tidbits:

There’s more than one way to skin a cat as many of us have all heard, and hopefully don’t have too much personal experience with. This concept really applies to Kim as he came to find out when it came to webinars. He saw that his skill wasn’t selling to people over the video as most extroverted people are. He instead saw that he was best at selling to people over the phone. As he realized this he began to change his model of webinars to get as many people to buy in before the webinar even started. He got this idea from his realization that he was the kind ideal target of the webinar.

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