Special Unboxing from YT!

Yo yo!

I thought I’d keep it real today by posting a video I filmed for fun originally for the marketing team who sent us this cool gift (something they normally do for the biggest Creators but they made an exception for CI). It made its way around internal emails and a lot of people thought you guys might enjoy so here you go. I should be clear we totally get that we’re not a normal YT channel and the real creators out there are the ones that deserve all the credit. Sorry about the hacky editing, I filmed in a tricky spot (mail room) since we didn’t plan to publish this for external consumption but my boss, the editor, did the best he could 😉

Let me know if you all like this YT behind the scenes kind of content. We’ll always focus on hard hitting news and sneak peeks and interviews but if this kind of YT Employee Life stuff is of interest sprinkled in, let us know.

Creator Insider is an informal YouTube channel to share information from the YouTube Creator technical team with the wider Creator community. We will feature different people talking about the products they work on and changes we are making so you have more context. Please note this is not an official YouTube channel and is an experiment.

Please help transcribe and/or translate this video so more Creators can benefit here: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?c=UCGg-UqjRgzhYDPJMr-9HXCg&tab=2

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