How To Find Clients And Sell Them A Funnel – Jakob Michaelis – FHR #201

Jakob Michaelis has an online agency business. He shows how he creates and sells funnels to offline businesses or those who only have a website. He has 3 steps to helping his clients build their businesses. If you want to make money by selling funnels to businesses Jakob’s episode will give you the steps you need.

Why Dave Decided to talk to Jakob:

As an online agency business owner, Jakob talks about how he creates and sells funnels to businesses who are offline or only have a website. There are three steps he uses to help his clients build their business.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

-Learn what a funnel is (1:17)

-Price structuring funnel sales (12:57)

-Price structure for continuity (19:00)

Quotable Moments:

“10 Years ago a website by itself, would have been sufficient.”

“I stay much more involved in a relationship with a client – their goals become my goals.”

Other Tidbits:

Having a website for your business won’t make you money unless you are driving traffic to that website. This is where most business owners lack experience. Having someone who specializes in driving traffic to your business is crucial.

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