Making money & demystifying live notifications | YouTube Live Streaming Q&A – Barbara’s Take

3/31 update – the notifications part of this video confused folks so we posted a new video explaining. Please watch for notifications. Live updates – watch on!
Rapid fire overview of YouTube Live’s recent launch announcements and spilling all the secrets about going live! HUGE changes to YouTube Live in the past month!

❓Q&A with Meghan & Vadim, Lead Product Managers on YouTube Live
* Never live streamed? Why YOU should start now!
* What should I live stream?
* Is live streaming just gaming?
* How can I manage chat? Are moderation tools available?
* What is chat replay? How does it work?
* How to live notifications work?
* Can I tag my live streams with a location? What does that do?
* Tip and tricks for getting my stream discovered? Can you “hack the algorithm” for live streams?!
* How can I make money?


🔎 Launch Announcements:
Updates to YouTube Live Streaming (02/28/18):

Making it easier to go live (03/20/18):


🔍 Links for more info:
Manage live chat

Manage Super Chat

Live streaming via webcam:


💖 Channels we mentioned:
DGR Dave:


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