Analytics Beta and Tips from Game Theorists!

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Today Game Theorists are giving us some of their top tips to optimize your channel using YT analytics. Check it out and leave your comments below!

Studio Beta:

New YouTube Analytics Metrics: Impressions, Impressions CTR, and Unique Viewers:!topic/youtube/huFTZ7HzePE

Summary thanks to AV-Ultra!

Today, Game Theorists are giving us some of their top tips to optimize your channel using YT analytics.
These tips are likely how channel optimization is working on the background.

Tip #1- Impressions and click-through rates.
A brand new feature. How many people see your vid and who click on it.
Blah blah blah, So make your title and thumbnails stand out, by making them look just like everyone else’s….

Tip#2- subscribers per 1000 views (mille)
blah blah blah, How many times do people watch, then subscribe.
Known outside of youtube as a Conversion rate…
Blah blah blah, you can see which videos are performing the best to keep people watching.

Tip #3 Suggested Video Traffic
Determine how well your keywords and titles and tagging are doing.
The better the tags and titles, the higher probability users (or bot swarms) will watch and subscribe.
blah blah blah, casual fortnight reference.

Tip #4 Unique view retention
Brand new, blah blah blah random pointing and gesturing.

All that aside, I’m deeply concerned that showrooming of thumbnails and design esthetics are going to create a standard unified “look” to all things thumbnails related and will likely be exploited via automation. There would be nothing to stop scraping tags, finding the highest views, and copying those items completely to take those click throughs and impressions.

Couple that with being able to view highest rated videos in a category and you can create high click through false videos.
Sure the stop gap is the subscriber and retention, and I know theres ways to see bots via traffic etc, though im not convinced that an exploit isn’t going to crop up.

Thanks to AV-Ultra for providing the above summary.


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