YouTube Updates Newsflash [April 27 2018]

Hey Creators, today I’m back with lots of updates about what’s been happening at YT. Check it out and leave your comments below!

Dashboard known outage feature (0:20):
Notifications bug (1:40)
Error message after copyright claim (2:26)
Delay in payments (2:49)
Impressions, unique viewers, and CTR available to all through Studio Beta (3:04):
Reporting thumbnail abuse through iPhone app (3:27)
Delay in YPP (4:30):!topic/youtube/ulNylqaITRs
Susan’s letter to Creators (6:36):
New charts beta (6:50): feed delay (7:46):
Flexy Watch (8:52):

Creator Insider is an informal YouTube channel to share information from the YouTube Creator technical team with the wider Creator community. We will feature different people talking about the products they work on and changes we are making so you have more context. Please note this is not an official YouTube channel and is an experiment.

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