What happens when you “Send Feedback?” Common Studio Beta YouTube Analytics Questions ANSWERED!

Insiders! Ever wonder what happens after you press that “Send Feedback” button? We’re here to answer the most commonly asked questions about Studio Beta from you!

Specific Date Range (1:05) – https://studio.youtube.com/#/channel/UC/analytics/tab-overview/period-4_weeks
Real Time Data (1:45) – https://studio.youtube.com/#/channel/UC/analytics/tab-overview/period-4_weeks
Total Sub Count (2:20) – https://studio.youtube.com/#/
Ability to Sort Tables (2:50) – https://studio.youtube.com/#/channel/UC/analytics/tab-overview/period-4_weeks
See More Data on One Page (3:28) – https://studio.youtube.com/#/channel/UC/analytics/tab-overview/period-4_weeks
Groups and Comparisons (4:06)

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