Office Hours with Adora Cheung

Adora Cheung – – is a partner at YC and she also cofounded Homejoy, which went through YC in the Summer 2010 batch.

For this episode we took questions from the internet. If you have questions for a future office hours episode, just tweet them our way.


0:18 – topherPedersen asks – How many users did you have when you applied to YC? Also, how much revenue had you generated?

2:32 – Hatlii asks – How do you keep going if you can’t raise any money?

4:31 – Alejandro Ruperti asks – When/how do you decide to walk away from something you started?

10:18 – Chris Melnick-MacDonald asks – What advice and lessons did you learn in entering the #Canadian market?

13:16 – Yahya Elamrani asks – Do I have to work on culture in the very early stage?

15:17 – Adam Sanders asks – What was the best decision you made for Homejoy?

16:30 – Ujjawal Chauhan asks – Would love to know what’s the one thing she’d do differently in hindsight if she were to start over again?

20:12 – Nikita Butakov asks – What are some unique data science / machine learning challenges faced by Homejoy?

21:44 – Alejandro Ruperti asks – From @tferriss : how has a failure or apparent failure set you up for a later success?

32:14 – Siamak Freydoonnejad asks – What are the best practices when doing a cold reach out to an investor?

33:51 – 😎rliesaurus @ ✈️ 🇪🇺asks – Is Uber for X still a thing people would invest in, in the US?

36:58 – Fedor Paretsky asks – How have YC’s views on cryptocurrency/blockchain-related startups changed since Coinbase?

42:33 – Manav asks – What type of companies is YC seeing more of this time around?

46:23 – Yahya Elamrani – What are the best marketing strategies for year one for a b2c startup?

53:32 – Yahya Elamrani asks – What would you say to a founder from a third world country where there is a big lack in tech talents (and you can’t compete with big corps due to lack of resources) in term of hiring?

55:27 – Aspiring Angel asks – What’s the best way for investors interested in startup seed/angel funding get started? How does location affect the process?

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