Context About Classifiers: How YouTube uses machines to help make decisions about videos

With 400 hours of new video uploaded to YouTube every minute, we need a way to evaluate videos at scale to ensure they are safe for viewers and advertisers. So we enlist the help of machine learning – but we don’t always get everything right all the time. Wanted to break to down how machine learning works for you.

Important: Our classifier work is an ongoing process.

(2:33): Example of a machine learning classifier loss – white noise
(3:04): Importance of appeals process
(4:00): Self-Certification experiment – Ask creators to give us as much info as possible about their videos to help better train the algorithms
(5:17): Even Creator Insider has been affected
(5:45): Why YouTube doesn’t 100% rely on humans for ratings
(7:30): Some classifiers are easier or harder than others
(8:17): Concentrations of areas where YouTube gets it wrong
(8:56): Even Tom gets frustrated!
(9:53): Overview of how classifiers work


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