New beta, Studio updates, deprecations and more! Newsflash 7/10/18

Hellooooo Insiders! Here’s the newsflash for this week, leave your comments and questions down below.

(0:12) Custom sub message beta

(0:39) YT News initiative –

(1:05) Deprecating enhancement feature in Classic studio

(2:28) End screen feedback –

(2:44) Latest Activity Card (Real Time Reports) –

(3:20) Groups and comparisons in YT Analytics

(3:26) Editing meta data in Studio Beta

(5:33) Jerry Riner shout out (A Few Good Men) –

(5:52) Creator Fundamentals shout out –

(6:22) Shawn Lindsay shout out –

(7:06) Movie quote – leave your answer in the comments below!


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Creator Insider is an informal YouTube channel to share information from the YouTube Creator technical team with the wider Creator community. We will feature different people talking about the products they work on and changes we are making so you have more context. Please note this is not an official YouTube channel and is an experiment.

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