Geoff Ralston and Adora Cheung Discuss Startup School

Geoff Ralston – – and Adora Cheung – – are both partners at YC.

This episode is about Startup School. It’s a free, online course we’re offering that starts on August 28th.

We’re also offering equity-free grants of $10,000 to 100 companies that participate in the course.

Anyone can sign up for the course at


0:10 – What is Startup School?

3:10 – Who are the speakers this year?

4:30 – What are the different paths in Startup School?

6:30 – Success stories from last year’s Startup School.

8:25 – Why offer $10,000 grants?

9:30 – What deals are offered to the startups in Startup School?

10:30 – When does the course start?

12:15 – What are the requirements to complete the course?

14:45 – What are the topics that will be covered?

17:30 – What happens during office hours sessions?

22:00 – Who else is working on this course at YC?

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