Mathilde Collin on Feature Prioritization and Employee Retention at Front

Mathilde Collin – – is the cofounder and CEO of Front. Front is a shared inbox for teams and they were part of the YC Summer 2014 batch.

You can check out Front at

The YC podcast is hosted by Craig Cannon –



00:00 – Tuomas Grannas asks – What’s your favorite LEGO theme?

1:00 – What is Front?

3:25 – Google Inbox shutting down

5:00 – Prioritizing features

7:25 – Features that have increased Front usage

9:25 – What Front looked like at launch

12:20 – Early user acquisition

15:15 – Starting Front and meeting her cofounder

18:45 – The idea for Front

20:00 – When her cofounder was diagnosed with cancer

22:55 – Hardest moments running Front

25:00 – Employee retention

30:30 – Transparency

32:15 – Front’s office in France

33:05 – KP asks – What is the one unique insight about the problem you didn’t have at the start but only discovered later after your launch?

35:50 – Did she consider other ideas Front?

37:15- Jordan Jackson asks – Email at least for me – has taken on a different meaning in a life of messaging apps and chat platforms. It is more serious in a way. How do you see email evolving and the ecosystem that encompasses in peoples lives?

39:30 – If she could remove any email feature

40:55 – When did they hit product market fit?

44:40 – Meditation

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