How to Incorporate Journalism into Content

AE Marketing Manager, Alexa Jackson, discusses how to incorporate journalism into your content pool during this Marketing Minute. This video helps marketers looking to improve their writing skills and effectively communicate with their audience through hard-hitting journalism pieces.

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Hi, I’m Alexa and this is a Marketing Minute on Journalism.

In our fourth season of the award-winning Brand Lab Series™ podcast, we decided to expand the platform to include video and journalism features. The video features will accompany the podcast episodes, but the journalism features will stand alone.

Journalism can be a great way to engage with your audience – but it is important to do it right. The goal of journalism is not only to find and deliver interesting information to your audience, but to present that information in the most engaging way possible. To do so,

First, make sure your treatment is as good as, if not better than the topic. if you have a very interesting story, but you don’t tell it or frame it in an engaging way, you will lose your audience. On the flip side, if you are dealing with a somewhat dull or overdone topic, but you deliver it in a relevant and significant way, your audience will engage with it.
Second, make sure to get your information from verified sources. Interviews are a great way to inform your journalism pieces and its what we use for Brand Lab Series journalism features
Finally, make sure to check your spelling and grammar. A few mistakes here can make your piece lose credibility to readers.

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