Why Should I Start a Startup? by Michael Seibel

Michael Seibel is a partner and the CEO of YC. He cofounded Justin.tv, which was in the winter 2007 batch and Socialcam, which was in the winter 2012 batch. https://twitter.com/mwseibel

In this video Michael comments on his essay Why Should I Start a Startup? https://blog.ycombinator.com/why-should-i-start-a-startup/

The YC podcast is hosted by Craig Cannon – https://twitter.com/craigcannon


0:00 – Why Should I Start a Startup?

2:00 – Three types of people: people highly motivated when working for themselves, people that could succeed starting a startup or within a big company, and people that could succeed within a big company.

6:00 – How do you decide what type of person you are?

7:30 – Identify bias in advice givers

10:30 – Peer advice becomes less valuable during college

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