How to Best Incorporate Customer Testimonials on Your Website

AE Marketing Manager, Alexa Jackson, discusses how to incorporate customer testimonials into your website in this Marketing Minute. This video helps marketers who are looking to highlight their company through the eyes of their customers and convey to potential customers how they can help.

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Hi, I’m Alexa and this is a Marketing Minute on customer testimonials.

It is common for organizations to want to put the logos of their customer brands or of any company that has recognized them on their websites. While well known logos can be impressive, it is often more important and impactful to hear what your customers have to say.

At AE Marketing Group, we film customer testimonials with all of our customers and give them an open microphone to share their experiences with us. The videos are never scripted, allowing us to see where we are making the most impact, ways to improve, and how we can help other companies in the future.

When potential customers visit our website, they can see all of these testimonials and understand exactly what we did for other companies and exactly how they felt about the work we produced and the results that came from it.

Customer testimonials can be a great way to show potential new customers what your company is all about in a more personal way. The testimonials stand as a permanent reference for consumers considering your products or services.

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