Half the Sky: 3 Ways You Can Change The World Right Now

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Can I change the world? This is one of the questions I get asked the most. So many people wonder, “Can I change the world, especially if don’t have a ton of money or time?” The answer is yes, and it begins with empowering women.

In this video, you’ll learn three actionable tips for how you can change the world and make a big difference.
1. Start With You: If you ever wonder, “Can I change the world?” the best way to start giving back to the world is by fulfilling your own potential and taking advantage of the opportunities available to you. You can inspire others by being a living example of possibility.
2. Use Your Voice: Spread the word about Half The Sky, watch it on PBS, check out the free clips on YouTube, and tell people on social media about the film. Instead of wondering, “Can I change the world?” you can start actually doing it by using your voice and spreading awareness.
3. Do Something: You can change the world by getting involved with an organization you feel connected to. Support it with your time, money, or engagement. It may seem like a small thing, but you won’t have to ask yourself, “Can I change the world?” if you’re actually taking action and supporting a cause.

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