Designing the Sales Team

This video will look at some of the factors that should be considered when designing a sales team.
The sales team should only come into existence after a clear understanding is gained from market research. It is important to know what the customer wants and what the customer expects. The team should be selected in a way to address the questions that have been thrown up from this research.
Depending on the product or the service, the team may include specialists, technical advisors, as well as experienced market researchers. The overarching requirement, however, is enthusiasm on the part of each member of the sales team. Failure on their part to embrace the product or service will be translated into a loss of sales. The motivations of the sales team to therefore be considered this will also include their method of remuneration.
It is difficult to set out general requirements because the range of products and services are so wide, however, the above points are indicative of the material that we attempt to cover in this area.
We offer several videos on themes such as these, and we recommend that students consult these and make their notes.

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