SEO Basics: Why Content Matters

Join Trevin as he talks about the importance of content and why it matters on your website!
My name is Trevin Shirey, and I’m the director of business development here at WebFX. And today, I’m going to chat with you about why content is so important as a part of your overall online marketing strategy.

So I review countless websites as part of my job, I talk with people a lot about what they’re doing with their website, whether it’s revamping a current site, launching a whole new site, maybe as part of a new product launch – and one common mistake that I’ve seen over and over again is the lack of informational, top of funnel content on their site.

What I mean by that is, it’s kind of common sense at this point for people to have a clean design, have a site that’s responsive and mobile friendly, and a site that is built with SEO in mind from the ground up. But one thing that a lot of people forget to do once they’re tied up in the technical and creative elements of their site is making sure that they have content and a decent amount that really speaks to potential customers.

So this could be things like an article section that’s updated frequently, maybe a live FAQ section that gets updated a couple times a month with comments, questions and concerns, and then the classic example would be having a blog section on your site that’s regularly updated.

Having content like this is helpful for three key reasons. The first is that it really helps make your business unique. It allows you to communicate to people visiting your website what is interesting and unique about your organization.

So that could be maybe awards that you’ve won, maybe some customer testimonials, you could go into maybe some qualifications that your team has that others don’t. Just highlight those key selling points that you use in the sales process to differentiate your organization from competitors.

The second thing that it does is it allows you the chance to really tell your story and to showcase your expertise. One recent example that I’ve had personally, is that I was searching a chimney sweep for my home. Starting from square one, I had no idea if i even needed one. I ended up finding a local company after searching around that had an awesome FAQ page that talked about when you need ac chimney sweep, what the process for that is, and then they even walked through what to expect whenever a chimney sweep would arrive for an appointment.

For me, the consumer, that was really valuable information and kind of made me feel at ease and allowed me to really trust that company. I actually ended up hiring them to stop by my house and go through their whole process. So being able to showcase what was unique about them and tell their story of how qualified they are and the experience that they have been really important for me.

One of the last things that is really important with content is that it is able to attract new visitors who don’t already know or recognize your brand out there in the online world. This ties into SEO and how Google is looking at your site. By having several dozen articles and resources on your site, Google is going to start ranking those pages for more what we call long tail or top of funnel keywords so that could be things like “do I need a chimney sweep,” “what to expect when a chimney sweep comes to my house.” Those types of things are very helpful for searchers who are looking for informational content. And then ideally the hope is that these people land on your site, check out your content, and it ends up converting them into customers.

So those are a few high-level things that content does. It’s a wonderfully powerful tool and one that I hate seeing businesses under utilize so make sure that you’re thinking about a content strategy and implementing that across your site for 2019 and beyond.

If you need help doing so, WebFX can help. Feel free to give us a call at 888-601-5359.

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