How Post-Production Can Bring Film Together

Hootenanny Editor and Designer, Graham Metzger, discusses the importance of collaboration during the post-production process in this Marketing Minute. This video is helpful for marketers who are working on video projects and are looking to optimize the post-production process to create the best final product.

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Hi, I’m Graham Metzger and this is a Marketing Minute.

When you have a new project, everyone gets excited about production and being on a film set, but post-production is where the project can really come together.

From rough-cut to finish, a lot of different artists are going to work on your project, improving it along the way. It’s very important to build a team of professionals and artists that can make your project the best it can be. From editors and graphic artists, to sound engineers and colorists, they can all bring new and exciting ideas to the table. It’s a good idea to think of post-production as a creative, fluid process that can shape or form the final product for the better in ways that you might not have expected. In the end, a good collaboration can lead to better content for you and your clients.

This has been a Marketing Minute, see you next time.

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