How to Get Outside Your Comfort Zone to Become a Better Marketer

AE Marketing Group CEO, Brian Walker, discusses the importance of getting outside your comfort zone as he prepares for his first trip to Asia. In this Marketing Minute, Brian explains that he is traveling to Japan for Ad Tech Tokyo to meet with Asia’s top marketers, without knowing Japanese. This video is helpful for marketers who are looking to get outside their comfort zones to better themselves personally and professionally.

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Hi, I’m Brian with another Marketing Minute. This week I want to talk about getting outside your comfort zone so you can be a more competitive and creative marketer, and I’ll give you my own example.

This week, I’m about to embark on a trip to Ad Tech Tokyo where I’ll meet with some of Asia’s top marketers in Japan, yet I speak no Japanese which begs the questions, ‘Brian, what are you doing?’ For me, it’s important to get outside my comfort zone and be vulnerable to become a better marketer, a better business person, and certainly as a CEO, a better leader. I plan on doing that by sharing not only my own experiences with clients, with brands, with agencies, and with consultants in Tokyo, but also learning how they’re tackling some of our industries biggest challenges, or how they’re harnessing emerging technology, or how they’re exploring customer-centric strategies in ways that we’re not really doing here in the US. At AE Marketing Group, we believe that in order to grow professionally and personally, you really do need to get outside of your comfort zone. That can be understanding and learning from other industries that are not marketing related, that could be trying a new experience, or even studying a new culture. Now you don’t have to go all the way to Japan to get outside your comfort zone, but I encourage you to break the status quo and try some new things. It will make you more creative and it will certainly make you more competitive.

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