How to Produce Live Events

Charlie Fritschner, Videographer, discusses his tips for filming and producing live events in this Marketing Minute. With experience shooting for the Chicago Bulls and Lollapalooza, Charlie knows what it is like to capture the action as it unfolds, in a visually appealing way for viewers.

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My name’s Charlie Fritschner and this is the Marketing Minute on producing for live events.

Two key insights that I’ve taken away from my time producing for live events, specifically sports and music production with the Chicago Bulls and music festivals here in Chicago. One is preparation. Just like in any production, preparation is key. So, specifically for live events, the more that you can rehearse and block and walk through with both your on-air talent and with your camera folks, the more tight and successful your production will be. So, dedicate time in pre-production to those elements of blocking, scripting and rehearsing.

The other thing I think you should always think about is that you are really part of the performance and you craft what the viewer sees and experiences, so anything that you can do to make your live production more dynamic is just going to give the viewer a richer experience. Whether that’s adding a second or third camera, taking a camera off of a tripod and make it handheld – that just gives it a more organic feel – or trying to incorporate Twitter or audience feedback. All of those elements are just going to make for a more rich and dynamic viewing experience and all-in-all a tighter and more interesting show.

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