Employee Welfare Part 4 of 4

This is Part 4 of a four-part set of videos on the topic of employee welfare. Since it is one of a set of videos on this topic, we reproduce the video description used for part one below.
In the early days of industry, it fell to the newly formed trade union movement to campaign on behalf of employee welfare in the workplace. With greater enlightenment, and the passage of time, it is now widely understood that employee welfare is both a moral obligation on the part of employers, but it’s also a good managerial function. In other words, a caring management, with an enlightened and safe workplace, is likely to be more productive.
This is one video as a part of a set of four, we urge students of this topic to consult all four videos and to make their own notes, and research into the topic. As mentioned above there is strong commercial reasons as to why management should look after the welfare of the employees. It avoids absenteeism, it avoids high labour turnover, it promotes efficiency and greater output, and it portrays the business as progressive.
All of the above ignore the most important aspect, but as students you should emphasise the moral and ethical imperative on the part of employers to look after the employees.

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